Replacement Libraries

Name Short description replacement extension Author(s)
PIC18 Replacement Libraries Library replacement for PIC18s for mP PRO:
  • String library (__Lib_String)
  • Conversions library (__Lib_Conversions)
  • Delays library (__Lib_Delays)
  • Math library (__Lib_Math - two versions)
  • Floating-point math library (__Lib_MathDouble - two versions)
  • Internal EEPROM library (__Lib_EEPROM_256 and __Lib_EEPROM_1024)
  • Trigon library (__Lib_trigon)
  • System library (__Lib_System - two versions)
  • Pic Additional String Library (*)
(*) (Additional library, needed by the additional Ethernet libraries, see below, to be used if above "Conversions" library is also used)
yes yes Janni (All),
Yo2lio (Conversions and Strings)