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Janni's website. Replacement libraries, mP PRO quirks, Tips and Tricks and Assembly Syntax
Yo2Lio's (Florin's) website. The author of this website writes tutorials and shares code for mikroBasic for PIC, mikroPascal for AVR, mikroPascal for dsPIC, and mikroPascal for PIC. Additionally a number of HW/SW products are available.
User projects. Here users can view (older - pre LibStock -) projects made by users of the mE compilers.
EEPower. new This is a digital publication focused on the power electronics industry. The publication features technical articles, test and measuring tips, design tips, and application notes from the industry’s leading power electronics engineers and application experts.
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All about circuits. new This is an extremely active electrical engineering online community that provides both interesting content and useful resources for Electrical Engineers.
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Maker PRO. new This is an active, open source platform for maker projects much like Hack A Day. These projects are centered around Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, home automation and more. And better yet, the content is completely user generated.
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micro-examples. Electronic projects for microcontrollers, with source code examples and circuit schematics, cheap and easy !
Handbook of hardware schemes, cable layouts and connector pinouts
  • Pinouts of computer hardware components, internal connectors, buses and input/output ports
  • Pinouts and brief information about some common computer hardware interfaces like RS232 interface, USB pinout, SATA connector and many others
  • Pinouts of audio/video connectors
  • Pinouts of cellular phones, consumer audio/video hardware and other devices
  • Schemes of cables and converters for computer peripherals and other devices
  • Layout and numbering scheme of common and device-specific
  • Some practical aspect of pinouts applications
Free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions. Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions.
Archive of cable and connectors pin-outs. Archive of cable and connectors pin-outs.
Analog Design in a Digital World Using Mixed Signal Controllers (MicroChip AN823) The purpose of this Application Note is to familiarize engineers with PIC design considerations, specifically potential noise problems in mixed signal design. Handles noise sources, noise paths, noise suppression, ground issues, power issues and filtering, ESD etc...
Hardware related.
1-Wire Search Algorithm (C) Application note "1-Wire Search Algorithm" from Maxim

mP version , see OW_Utilities library.
Microcontroller Tools, Projects and Tutorials. Here you can find microcontroller Tools Projects and Tutorials.
Each Project includes source code, description and schematics which you can use as a basis for starting your own projects or just use them stand-alone. In addition you can also learn how to use these power packed devices in any of your own projects.
Embedded Lab An online teaching laboratory for Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems.
USB<->PS2 Translate.pdf PS/2 Keyboard codes to USB keyboard codes translation and vice versa.
USB Specification, overall
USB Specification, Classes
USB Specification, HID Class
USB PCB Connector_Pinning (copper side)
Clock settings for USB devices
Clock settings for USB devices (mE)
PIC USB related web sites (Microchip)
USB Keyboard and Mouse
USB Complete (J Axelson, 3rd edition)
USB Complete (J Axelson)
USB Mass Storage (J Axelson)
USB Related (Specification) documents
Embedded Ethernet and Internet Complete (J Axelson) Ethernet/Internet documentation
Tips and Tricks (Microchip)
Compiled Tips ‘N Tricks Guide from Microchip.
The PS/2 Protocol
Keyboard Scan Code Specification
PS/2 Keyboard codes to USB keyboard codes translation.
PS/2 documentation.
SPI Documentation Wiki
SPI documentation MicroChip
SPI bus compatibility
SPI and I2c protocols (Byte Paradigm)
SPI Timing when using the mP compiler
SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface Bus documentation
Elektronics Club A website for anyone wishing to learn about electronics or build simple projects.
Written for beginners but used by many others as a quick reference.
Serial Port Complete (J Axelson) Serial Port documentation
SDMMC "Simplified Specification".
Secure Digital specification (types, features, speeds)
How to Use MMC/SDC (in SPI mode)
SDMMC SDMMC documentation.
Using an IDE Hard Drive with a 8051 Board and 82C55 Chip (PJRC)
Connecting IDE Drives (by Tilmann Reh)
IDE Controller (Wesleys PIC pages)
IDE - Hardware Reference & Information Document (Alex T. Ivopol)
IDE (harddisk interface) documentation.
Fat 32 File Allocation Table (Wiki)
Understanding Fat32 FileSystems
Fat32 Boot Sector
Fat32 structure information

Fat32 File system specification.

MicroControllers Projects and Forums Several worked out projects using PIC's. Great PIC applications!
TFTP information
Information about the TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol).
FAT 16 information (MMC/SD cards)
FAT16 bootsector info.
Also here and here.
Information about the FAT16 Directory table and its bootsector.
MicroChip Technology User Forums Links "Flying with HardWare Favorites Gallery List"

Links to reference manuals, General Circuit-Design-Questions, PCB Layout Design and Considerations,
Analog Input Questions, Digital Input Questions, Output Questions, Connection Questions, Useful external parts,
Decoding the markings on parts, Learning about electrics and electronics, Microchip Tool Questions and Interesting topics, which doesn't suite into a previous one.
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PIC DataSheets. PIC Datasheet website (MicroChip).
Application notes Microchip's "PIC application notes".
I2C specification.
I2c Manual.
I2C Wiki.
I2c documentation.
The GANSSLE group Jack Ganssle is on a mission to help embedded developers produce better embedded products faster, while maximizing the fun of creating new products!
Embedded SW development "The official site of the Embedded Development Community"