Name Short description
PIC32 Interrupts new PIC32 Interrupts knowledge.
PicKit2 usage from within the compiler's IDE. new PicKit2 programmer (MicroChip) usage from within the mE compiler's IDE.
Batch file

Batch file

MS Command line

Windows CMD command line. new
(DOS) commands and their usage in batch files.
The Intel HEX-file The Intel HEX is a file format that conveys binary information in ASCII text form. It is commonly used for programming microcontrollers, EPROMs, and other types of programmable logic devices.
Janni's website. Replacement libraries, mP PRO quirks, Tips and Tricks and Assembly Syntax
Pitfalls in PIC usage and mikroPascal.

Pitfalls in PIC24 usage and dsPIC/PIC24 mikroPascal.

Pitfalls in P32 usage and P32 mikroPascal.

mP PRO for PIC quirks and errors (Janni).
List of pitfalls that can be encountered using PIC's and mP (list is not exhausting...).
Pointers in mikroPascal. Some elucidation and hints about pointer usage in mP PRO.
Chapters are: pointer declaration and usage, pointers to records, pointers to arrays, acessing a variable byte per byte, acessing a variable as being another type and pointer typecasting. Also a chapter on pointer arithmetic is present.
Code size, Ram Size and speed tips.
Code size tips from Dean.
Tips from janni.
Some tips that will make your code smaller and/or faster. Thanks for your forum post Dean!
I2c in mikroPascal Gives a short overview about I2c and how to use it in mP.
Numbers in mikroPascal Information about numbers: binary, decimal, hexadecimal and BCD coding.
Characters in mikroPascal About Characters and their Ascii codes, human readable strings representing a number, etc...
Strings in mikroPascal Article about how "strings" and "array of chars" are held in memory.
Bit handling. Handling "bits" in MikroPascal. Updated for v1.40.
Handling "Button"s Tips about usage of the "Button" library routine.
Code Setup Tips for beginners about how to setup the main program.
Beginners Tips Tips for beginning beginners.
The Read-Modify-Write problem How to avoid the Read-Modify-Write problem.
mE's HID library usage
The HID library usage: buffer declaration, HID interrupt, sending and receiving HID data.