Code Snippets

Name Short description
Walk trough the directory tree with the Fat32_1/Fat32_2 library
The routine "WalkTree" that visits recursively (without using recursion) all subdirs (starting from the current directory) on e.g. an SDMMC card.

In each (sub)dir a user routine "UserProc" is called with as parameters the current level (0 being the starting level in the dir tree) and the possibility to stop the walk through.
The code is for usage with the Fat32_1 library, but of course it can (with a few modifications) also be used with the Fat32_2 library.
DayLight Saving time related routines for the Ds1307. Calculation routines for
  • Daylight saving time
  • Leap Year
  • Day of the week
DumpBuffer.mpas Dumps the content of a byte array to the Uart, both hex and Ascii. Output example
CRC checks for the DS1820/DS18B20/DS18S20 (digital temp. sensor). Assumes the 9 DS1820 bytes present in a buffer and retruns zero if the calculated CRC out of it is Ok.
Also a CRC routine is foreseen for the "RomCode" (8 bytes) read from a DS1820/DS18B20/DS18S20.
Makes hex lines from binary content Sometimes it is necessary to generate a hex output from a binary content (128K bytes max), e.g. the content of flash memory. This code sends the .hex lines to the uart (the PC can then make a file of the received lines). The binary content is gathered by means of 'Read_Block', 16 bytes each time. Adapt this routine to the binary data source you read from. Make sure the NumberOfBytes is a multiple of 16. Do not forget to init the uart...