Additional Libraries

Name Short description Author(s)
MikroPascal PRO PIC library mP4.60

MikroPascal PRO PIC library mP5.00
Set of libraries for mP PRO:
  • PIC Additional String Library(*)
  • Ethernet, both with and without ENC28J60, both with or without TC/IP stack
  • SD/MMC for SPI1 and SPI2
  • All input to digital
  • Bit manipulation
  • Flash memory
  • HW Zabbix Agent
  • Port expanders
  • LCD's
  • Sensirion
  • Temp and humidity measurements
  • etc...
Documentation and Usage Examples

(*) Needed by the Ethernet libraries. This version of "PIC Additional String Library" is not compatible with above "Conversions" replacement library (double definitions).
Use the special version of "PIC Additional Strings Library" delivered in "PIC18 Replacement Libraries" to avoid problems when using the above "Conversions" lib.

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MikroPascal PRO libraries Set of units for mP PRO: Dany
uGLCD Extract from Janni's Website:
uGLCD is a rather extensive library optimised for PIC18 processors. It may work with different GLCD types with screen memory organised in horizontal 'pages' (8 pixels high), like those with KS107/8, ST7565R, or uC1701 controllers, to name only those it was tested with. Thanks to the ability to draw on virtual screen(s), the library may be used with write-only displays.