Telnet To Rs232 interface.

This device (hard- and software) can be used to control up to 6 RS232 devices via Telnet (Ethernet).
The different RS232 ports are accessed via different Telnet ports, e.g. telnet port 2301 connects with RS232 port 1, telnet port 2302 connects with RS232 port 2 etc..., upto telnet port 2306.
Only one RS232 port is active at each moment: the last one communicated to via a telnet port. The reason for this is that the PIC has only one usart on board, so switching is necessary.
This switching to the correct RS232 port happens automatically when data is received from a certain telnet port.
The software sends all telnet (ports 23xx) data received (except telnet command sequences) to the corresponding RS232 port and vice versa.
The "control" port, via which one can see the status, change the RS232 baudrate etc..., is telnet port 2323. In this status also the "powered" up state of each of the rs232 devices connected to the apparatus is shown.
"?" shows the control commands that can be used (**). To each RS232 port a baudrate and a name can be given.
Uses the Ethernet ENC library v3_5 from Yo2Lio.

Circuit diagram.

Some pictures: 1 2 3

(**) help content:
?        = help
stat     = show status
show     = show all interfaces
int=x    = select interface x (x=0..6)
baud=x   = set baudRate to x (x = 9[600], 3[8400], 5[7600], 1[15200])
name=xxx = set name to xxx (max 30 chars)

Editor Cmds:
Control A   = beginning of line
Control E   = end of line
Control C   = erase line
Backspace   = delete previous character
Delete      = delete character
Up arrow    = previous command
Down arrow  = next command
Left arrow  = previous character
Right arrow = next character
Character   = insert character