I bought an "RTC board" (PIC version) from MicroElectronica with a battery and a PCF8583P on board.
It has a 10 pins (female) connector mounted on it, intended to connect to a 10 pins header.
Looking at the RTC board schematic (v102), it was not clear to me at all which pins of the PCF were connected to which pins of the connector. After a while I discovered that users of mE development boards can ignore this problem: all they have to do is plug the RTC board on the "PortC" header.

Anyway, I do not have an mE development board, so I needed to know the connections on the 10 pins connector.

The connections of the RTC board seem to be the following:
        |o  o|   
INT-RTC |o  o| SCL
    SDA |o  o|  
        |o  o|   
    VCC |o  o| GND
when looking at the component side (battery facing upwards) of the RTC board, with the connector at the left side.