"PIC Clear Project" tool, details.

Software: here

This tool enables you, in case of troubles, to delete the derived files (*.mcl etc...) in the project directories (including package directories) and the "Defs" directory.
Additionally there is the possibility to check some items in the project file (*.mpppi) and also editing the project file can be done. Also the listing (the projects *.lst file) can be viewed.
All this is sometimes needed if you see some unexplicable phenomena during compiling or linking. It is better then to clear the project directory and the Defs directory of derived files.

The tool is started from within the mP IDE and looks like this:
The "Project File Check" consists of the following checks on the *.mpppi file: The "Edit projectFile" screen looks like this:

and the "Check Project File output" shows this:

Additionally there is the possibility to show the actual library names which are checked in the library manager (which shows the aliasses, not the actual names). This is done by pushing button "Show Library Uses", and the output looks like this:
This info can be used (if wished) to define uses clauses in the source files to include libraries.

The tools exists out of an executable (.exe) and an ".ini" file, who should both be placed in the same directory somewhere on disk. The list of filetypes of files to be deleted from the project directories and the "Def" directory is in the ini file ([FilesToDelete]). Do not change the names of the sections and the keys in the ini file. Of course uou can add or delete filetypes to/from the list.

Making the startup of the tool possible from within the IDE is done by adding the tool via the Tools menu --> Options --> Tools --> Tool0. See below for the necessary settings.
Do not forget the "%PROJECT_FILE_NAME" as parameter for the tool (see arrow)!! If all is done well, the tool icon will appear in the IDE's toolbar.