Libraries for PIC tool

The tool permits to select MCU's that have a certain set of libraries available. This is important when developing libraries in packages that rely on the existance of other libraries. The output of the tool can be imported in the package manager (with "paste from clipboard").

Supported compilers:
The software:


On startup, the tool shows this window:

The actions to do are the following:
  1. Choose the type of compiler you want to do the selection for,
  2. Choose the set of MCU's to test for library presence,
  3. Choose the set of libraries you want to be present,
  4. Press "Process",
  5. View the output: all MCU's selected in step 2 that have all libraries selected in step 3,
  6. Press "Copy to Clipboard" if the output is e.g. to be used in the package manager (with e.g. "paste from clipboard" or "append from clipboard")
Additionally, when a compiler has been updated to a higher version: select the appropriate "type" (1) and press the "Renew Lists" (!) button to renew the supported MCU and the Library list.

MCU Library List feature: if one of the MCU's in list (1) is right clicked then the list of its available libraries appears:


The tool is stand alone (not to started up from the IDE). After decompressing the file to LibrariesForPIC.exe, place the latter in an appropriate folder, make a shortcut to it and place that on the desktop.

In case the PIC/dsPIC/PIC32 compilers are not installed in the normal locations, you will have to use the menu "Setup" in the tool. This will allow you to change the paths to the "Defs" directories of the different compilers. After changing with "Setup" a restart of the tool is performed.