"FAT16DirLFN.mpas" unit, details.

This unit Provides "directory" functions for MMC/SD cards formatted in FAT16 in addition to long filenames.

Makes traversing possible through the root directory (routines "FindFirst" and "FindNext") and also routines are provided to make a file "Dir.txt" and/or a "Dir.htm" on the MMC/SD card containing the directory listing, (routines "MakeDirFile" and "MakeDirFileHTM").

To be able to handle long filenames the original mE routines "mmc_Fat_assign" and "mmc_Fat_delete" are replaced here by 2 others: "Mmc_Fat_Assign_LFN" and "mmc_Fat_Delete_LFN". All other mmc_fat routines can be used as usual.
Example of usage: Tftp Server .
Keep in mind that files with long file names eat much more root directory entries than the one entry needed for short file names. Since the number of root directory entries is limited to 512 this could mean much less than 512 files on the card could be kept.
Requires the "String" replacement library published by Janni.
Addition 2009-08-12: the "mcc_Fat_QuickFormat_Ex" routine to be able to have more than 512 root directory entries.
Documentation: FAT 16 information (MMC/SD cards) and info about the bootsector.

Attention: Fat16DirLFN.mpas uses the mikroElektronika libraries "mmc" and "mmc_Fat". This means that, before using the routines in this unit, the routines "mmc_init" and "Fat16DirLFN_Init" (which ensures that "mmc_Fat_Init" is called) must have been successfully executed.