"FAT16Dir.mpas" unit, details.

This unit Provides "directory" functions for MMC/SD cards formatted in FAT16.

Makes traversing possible through the root directory (routines "FindFirst" and "FindNext") and also routines are provided to make a file "Dir.txt" and/or a "Dir.htm" on the MMC/SD card containing the directory listing, (routines "MakeDirFile" and "MakeDirFileHTM").
Example of usage: Tftp Server .
Addition 2009-08-12: the "mcc_Fat_QuickFormat_Ex" routine to be able to have more than 512 root directory entries.

Attention: Fat16Dir.mpas uses the mikroElektronika libraries "mmc" and "mmc_Fat". This means that, before using the routines in this unit, the routines "mmc_init" and "Fat16Dir_Init" (which ensures that "mmc_Fat_Init" is called) must have been successfully executed. Documentation: FAT 16 information (MMC/SD cards) and info about the bootsector.