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Last update: 22-02-2008.

Delphi Documentation

Name Short description
Delphi Run Time Library Function Overview Overview of the most used Delphi Run Time Library procedures, functions, variables and constants. Updated version (Delphi 6). See also Delphi RTL Quick Reference.
Delphi WinAPI Function Overview Overview of the most used Delphi WinAPI and Shell procedures and functions.
For details on the Windows API routines, see here , otherwise see the Help in Delphi. You can also download Win32.zip for full information.
Show, Hide, Task Bar, Tray, Tray Menu

Example Project
Startup a program in ‘hidden’ mode.
Remove the program's button from the task bar.
Create a program icon in the system tray.
Make the tray icon react on mouse click events.
Make a right click in the tray icon show a popup menu.
Avoid conflicts with the ‘minimise’ border icon.
Make the ‘close’ border icon 'hide' the program in stead of closing it.

Delphi Units

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Project Jedi

Jedi Code Library for Delphi
Jedi Home Page
Code Library for Delphi
VCL for Delphi
API Library Overview
Download NT Native API
DownLoad Setup & Config Manager API
Download Win32 API (PSDK header conversions)

About Delphi Programming

About Delphi Programming